Recommended: “CantaGallo” and “Sabung” by El Haru Kuroi

El Haru Kuroi

El Haru Kuroi, an East Los Angeles trio rooted in Mexican, South American and African melodies and rhythms has initiated a fierce style and sound. “Combining the snarling urgency of post-punk with the sensuality of bossa-nova, they’ve come upon something very different and exciting to listen to” (M. Cotto, KCRW).

Recommended: 0RBITALIS Soundtrack

From the hypnotic physics puzzle game, 0RBITALIS is simply luxuriant space music.

the 0RBITALIS Soundtrack is a sprawling & ambient synthesizer soaked StarWalk. Perfect for wandering and/or wondering, it goes well with drawing, writing, working, coding, longing, sleeping, sex and ALSO playing 0RBITALIS !

Recommended: Drokk

Hard-driving synth music, perfect for all your post-apocalyptic urban patrols and/or adventures!