Knee update

Well, finally had an MRI last week to determine what is up with my right knee, and my doctor called yesterday to give me the news: small tear in the medial meniscus, a sprain in the medial collateral ligament (MCL), and a femoral bone bruise. Looking back, I’m almost positive it was from that fall on our stairs which I initially thought only hurt my back — but I twisted sideways as I landed and probably had my right leg planted.

Next will be a visit with an orthopedic doc to determine if I can just go do physical therapy rehab, or if I need surgery first. Knock on wood. From what I’ve read about it, I need to keep up the HI-RICE, do some exercise like walking and light cycling to keep up the healing blood flow, and just try to stay cognizant of how it’s feeling so I don’t overdo it and re-injure things.

Here’s a picture of the mother of all Wii accessories MRI machine, and then one of some unidentified internal portion of my knee, which may include an alien embryo.



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