Latest update on trains to Redlands

While the article says “Trains likely will be pulling into the city ahead of schedule”, 2015 has been the target all along in the news items I’ve seen over the last few years. Still, this makes it seem as if the plans for light rail to Redlands might actually take place!

Daily Facts: “Passenger rail pulling into Redlands”

The phased approach being taken with the planning, construction and implementation of the Redlands Passenger Rail project means commuters may begin using mass transit to connect with San Bernardino and beyond in a few years, rather than decades, said Tim Watkins, spokesman for San Bernardino Associated Governments, the county’s transportation planning agency.[…]

“The purpose of the project is to enhance transit in the Redlands Corridor,” said Reed Lee, a senior transit planner at HDR, Inc., a consulting firm working on the project. “The first phase of the project would extend the San Bernardino Transit Center at Rialto Avenue to the University of Redlands and there would be five stations in that phase: one at the University of Redlands, one in downtown Redlands, one at New York Street and one at Tippecanoe.”

Lee said the planning phases of the project could be underway as soon as this summer. Service could be operating as early as 2015.

Can’t wait!