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Brazil v Spain: Confederations Cup 2013 Final

Flag_of_Brazil Flag_of_Spain

Spain beat Italy earlier today on a crazy penalty kick exchange 0-0 (7-6). They are moving on to face the host nation for the 2013 Confederations Cup, Brazil, who beat Uruguay 2-1 yesterday. The game will be on Sunday in Rio.

Will Spain be able to grab the Confederations Cup to match their 2012 Euro and 2010 World Cup trophies? Or will Brazil defend their 2009 championship, with their World Cup hosting looming next year?

Of course, the tournament is a backdrop to the real story going on in Brazil right now — huge demonstrations against corruption and the expense of hosting the World Cup when so many are desperately poor.

World Cup: BRA 2-2 USA (USA wins 5-3 on penalties)

What a game. As one of the announcers said, it was a tying goal in added time in the second period of overtime that sent it to the penalty round. An own goal two minutes in, controversial refereeing, a penalty save called back resulting in a goal, playing with 10 players for over 50 minutes — this game had everything.

I’m sorry if you missed it — they’re replaying it later, so make sure to catch it. A classic.

And this was just the quarterfinals.