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Switching: Linux App Equivalents

I have been in the process of planning out switching to Linux in 2010 for my main development computer (a laptop), as well as for various web and database servers I am responsible for at work.

I’ve been making good use of Sun’s awesome (and free) VirtualBox program, which allows me to create any number of virtual computers to experiment on. I’ve had a couple of CLI-only server versions running (Debian and Ubuntu), as well as what amounts to a desktop system for the last three Ubuntu releases: 8.10, 9.04, and the just-issued 9.10.


My User has information that could… that could make this a free system again! No, really! You’d have programs lined up just to use this place, and no MCP looking over your shoulder.

I’ll cover the whys and wherefores of switching in the future. For now, suffice to say that the ever-increasing commercialization of Mac OS X, with accompanying restrictions, has been grating on me for some time now. I am also attracted to the notion of software freedom (having been a huge fan of the original Tron movie ;) and of course the cost savings can be dramatic. And since I work primarily in education, I think we would be neglecting our duty by not exploring the open-source world.


All that is visible must grow beyond itself, and extend into the realm of the invisible.

One of the first and ongoing steps is compiling a list of application equivalents to programs I am need of.

Still looking:

  • Time Machine (backup) -> roll-my-own or manual?
  • Bluetooth File Exchange -> built into Gnome?

Stuff that exists in both places:

If you’re looking into switching as well, or just are looking for new apps to try out whatever your platform, check out AlternativeTo, which provides alternatives for Linux, Mac, and Windows programs.

Note: Written before the current cold whacked me in the head and upper respiratory tract. Bits are incomplete. Suggestions are welcome.

End of line.

How to start from scratch in OmniFocus

If you’d like to re-start with a clean slate in task-management software OmniFocus, getting rid of all projects, actions, contexts, etc., here’s what you do.

  1. Just in case you change your mind, be sure to perform a backup of your database first, via the commands in the File menu.
  2. Quit OmniFocus if it’s running.
  3. Via the Finder, go to ~/Library/Application Support and look for the OmniFocus folder.
  4. Move it to your Desktop for now.
  5. Re-start OmniFocus.

That’s it. After you make sure everything’s kosher, you can trash the older folder or back it up somewhere else.

OmniFocus feature request

screenshot of OmniFocus toolbar sync button

I submitted this small feature request already to OmniGroup, but as they said if anybody else likes this idea, please go ahead and let them know yourself as well. (Use the “Send Feedback…” menu item under the Help menu.)

Howdy, OmniFolk — thanks for a great product.

A small feature request that would be handy: how about when you mouse over the Sync button in the toolbar, the tooltip would show the last/next sync times?

Thanks again and keep up the great work!