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Bees saved?

ScienceDaily reporting on a possible cure for the Colony Collapse Disorder that has been decimating bee colonies across the United States.

For the first time, scientists have isolated the parasite Nosema ceranae (Microsporidia) from professional apiaries suffering from honey bee colony depopulation syndrome. They then went on to treat the infection with complete success.

Let’s hope the study translates to widespread recovery!

Having lived in a citrus community the past 20+ years, I’ve really had a change of heart regarding bees. I always thought they were cool, but at a distance. Once you get over your apprehension, though, it’s quite pleasant having them around your flowers and trees. Plus the local honey is great.

Speaking of honey, that was a substance I had a tough time with growing up. Loved it in things — oatmeal, graham crackers, etc., just not on anything. Nowadays, however, the more honey (and the more varieties) the better. Yay bees!