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Hulda Crooks statue

When you climb Mt. Whitney after 65, you’re doing something. Do it 23 times, while living to be 101, and you’re going to get some attention. Hulda Crooks, the namesake of the park in Loma Linda that we frequent (as well as a mountain near Whitney), will likely be getting some further honors from the city soon. “Grandma Whitney” passed away in 1997, but her memory and legend will definitely live on.

“Loma Linda to consider honoring mountaineer”:

The Loma Linda City Council on Tuesday will discuss awarding a contract to a San Bernardino artist to create a statue of Crooks.

The life-size bronze sculpture would be placed on a concrete base near the entrance to Hulda Crooks Park at the southern terminus of Mountain View Avenue.

UPDATE: Looks like the statue is a go.

"We need to put a barrier between us and the snakes!"

Yep, it’s that time of year. Humans aren’t the only ones on our local trails — now you can come across more slithery hikers as well.

The aptly named “Staff Writer” has the details on snakes in the local area, thanks to the Redlands Conservancy and the Daily Facts, “Snakes on the trails”:

Hikers on Redlands’ rural trails already have noticed the snake tracks crossing the trails. It’s the time of year when snakes of all stripes come out of hibernation and take to the trails.

“Snakes on the rural trails in the canyon areas are just a part of life in the country,” said Sherli Leonard, executive director of the Redlands Conservancy.

“Anyone who uses the trails must be aware that they may encounter a snake, and use the trails with caution. Keep all dogs leashed so they don’t encounter the snake, either. If this is intimidating, people should probably wait until later in the year to use the trails.”

These suggestions apply no matter where you’re at in the SoCal area.

Loma Linda Trails Map Approved

Good news from Loma Linda, with an official map of their South Hills Preserve getting the final okay from the City Council.

IE 24/7: “Loma Linda approves trails map”

The City Council recently approved a map of trails in the South Hills Preserve, which encompasses nearly 1,700 acres of undeveloped city-owned land. “This is a milestone,” said Jim Walling, chairman of the city Trails Development Committee, which spent many hours researching and coming up with names for the trails.

In November, city voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure designating the land as permanent open space.

“The goal here is to make the hills accessible to people, so they have an idea where they’re going,” said Councilman Robert Ziprick, an avid hiker who has pushed for the trails network.

Loma Linda’s efforts, not to mention those of the adjacent Redlands, are quite awesome for the local outdoors folks.