The Celsius1414 Journal


Picture of album cover for Goodbye Halcyon Days

Goodbye Halcyon Days

Very, very proud of my stepson Hans Hickman's new full-length album...

Picture of Samson Meteor microphone by Alan Levin


Ever since I got a cheap bluetooth thing in my car, listening is constant...

Cropped photo of cover from book Counter Intelligence by Jonathan Gold

Counter Intelligence

It's a bit like playing the Russian Roulette of revered restaurant reviews...

Photograph of boy reading books in the ruins of a bombed-out London bookstore during WWII


& Other Favored Folk...

picture of Etch A Sketch by Helen Harrop

Hello Again, World.

It can be valuable to shake the Etch A Sketch on occasion...

Picture of Robert Daeley walking in DTLA and looking spiffy in dark Ray-Bans and a blue shirt


Robert Daeley, Gentleman Adventurer...