The Celsius1414 Journal

Goodbye Halcyon Days

Picture of album cover for Goodbye Halcyon Days

Very, very proud of my stepson Hans Hickman's new full-length album: "goodbye halcyon days" by starcrusher, his full-length debut, available everywhere. I know I'm biased and all, but it's music I would totally listen to and obsess over even if I weren't related to him. :D

It's available right now (with others in the works) on:

after nearly 7 years of working with the MPC 2000xl and slowly assembling a hybrid analog / digital studio, goodbye halcyon days is the debut full length from starcrusher. the album is indicative of work put into creating a unique sound; a fusion of classic hip hop sampling techniques with more modern electronic production tools in order to convey an overarching concept. in this case the duality of man and machine is at play - synthetic sounds worm their way through emotive vinyl samples and digital signals are pushed through analog equipment, the concept mirrored in the execution. this is the sound of the ghost in the machine, the replicant who ponders it’s own existence, the technology of complex human emotional processes.

Follow him on Twitter: @cstarcrusher.